The Linear B word wa-na-ka
Word wa-na-ka
wa na ka
Transliteration wanaka
Meaning overlord, king, leader
See also Linear B: qa-si-re-u ‘king, local leader’
Phrygian: ϝΑΝΑΚΤ ‘overlord, king of kings’
Phrygian: ΟΥΑΝΑΚΤΑΝ ‘overload, king of kings’
Phrygian: ϝΑΝΑ ‘king’
Linear B: wa-na-ka-te-ro ‘palace, house of the king’
Linear B: wa-na-sa ‘queen’

It is more accurately interpretated as 'High King'

Zeus is attributed this epithet as 'Zeus Anax', as he overlords the universe. Agamemnon is refered as anax in the Iliad, therefore it is suggested that wanax is the 'high king' who excersice overlordship over other kings. The digamma (ϝ) of the wa-syllable, was dropped very early in eastern Greek dialects like Ionian.

Other words that might be of interest
ku-ru-so ‘gold’, a-ke ‘leads, guides’, a-ku-ro ‘silver’, ku-ru-so-jo ‘golden’, ka-ko ‘copper’, ko-re-te ‘governor’, ra-wa-ke-ta ‘leader of the people, millitary leader’, to-pa ‘basket’, o-pa ‘working, activity’, te-ko-to-ne ‘carpenters’