The Proto-Turkic word *sɨb
Word *sɨb
Meaning water

S. A. Starostin, A. V. Dybo, O. A. Mudrak - An Etymological Dictionary of Altaic Languages, 2003, Brill

Other words that might be of interest
*bū(n)ŕ < būĺ(V)-ŕ ‘ice’, *doŋ ‘cold, frost, frozen, to freeze, be frozen’, *jag- ‘rain, to rain’, *iak- ‘to flow’, *örs(en) ‘river, river bed, to flow’, *čɨj(ɨk) ‘wet, soaking, moist, dew, moisture’, *dal-g- ‘wave’, *kōm ‘wave’, yul ‘stream, brook, fountain’