The Hittite word an-tu-ua-aḫ-ḫa-aš
Word an-tu-ua-aḫ-ḫa-aš
IPA antuu̯aḫḫaš
Meaning man, human being, person
Notes/Remarks The etymology of this word is uncertain
See also Hattic: antūḫ ‘human being’
Lydian: antola ‘statue, stele, gravestone’
Synonyms pe-eš-ne


The etymology is difficult. There are suggestions within the Indo-European family, but none are really convincing. Could be a substratum word (Hattic).

Other words that might be of interest
ḫa-aš-ša-aš ‘descendant’, ḫu-uḫ-ḫa-aš ‘grandfather’, ne-ga-an ‘sister’, ne-ek-na ‘brother’, kuu̯an- ‘woman’, an-na-aš ‘mother’, at-ta-aš ‘father’