The Ancient Macedonian word γαβαλά
Word γαβαλά
ɟ a b a l a
IPA ghabala
Meaning brain, head
Notes/Remarks The etymology of this word is disputed
This word has an uncertain classification
See also Ancient Macedonian: κεβαλή ‘head’
Ancient Macedonian: κεβλή ‘head’
Proto-Indo-European: ghebʰ(e)l- ‘head, skull’


Might have existed parallelly with κεβλή/κεβαλή (See Hoffman). Word with no ethnicon (could be Illyrian, Thracian or Phrygian) in Hesychius list, assumed Macedonian. Štastný (1906) considers it Thracian. Hatzidakis rejects its relation to κεβαλά / κεβλή. Most probably not Macedonian.

See Fick (1874), Katicic (1976), Hoffmann (1906), Mayer (1948), Hatzidakis (1927).

Other words that might be of interest
ἀβαρκνᾷ ‘hair’, ἀβροῦτες ‘eyebrows’, βίῥῥοξ ‘shaggy, hairy, dense’, λαυκανία ‘throat, neck, tongue’