The Ancient Macedonian word ταγός
Word ταγός
t a ɟ ο. ς
IPA taɟo.ς
Meaning leader, lord
See also Doric Greek: αγέτας ‘leader’
Doric Greek: βαγός ‘leader’
Greek: αγός ‘leader, lord’
Proto-Indo-European: *tagós ‘leader’
Cypriot Syllabic Script: ta-ko ‘leader, lord’
Aeolic Greek: ταγός ‘leader, lord’
Ancient Macedonian: ταγόναγα ‘the macedonian magistracy’



Other words that might be of interest
ἀρφύς ‘strap, rope’, σκοῖδος ‘commander, manager, treasurer’, βασίλισσα ‘queen’, δέημος ‘law, bond’