The Phrygian word ΒΕΥΔΟΣ
b e u d o s
Transliteration beudos
Meaning statue
Synonyms ΙΜΑΝ

See Orel 1997, 139f

Gr. βεύδος ‘sumptuous woman’s dress’ (Sappho, Call.,etc.) might be the same word. Greek may have borrowed this word from Phrygian in the meaning ‘statue of a goddess’, but since these statues presumably were lavishly adorned and dressed, beËdowwas used in the narrower meaning of a specific woman’s dress.

Other words that might be of interest
ΓΛΟΥΡΟΣ ‘gold’, ΒΕΡ- ‘to bear, carry’, ΜΟΔΡΟϝΑΝΑΚ ‘king of Modra, smith’, ΑΓΤΑΕΙ ‘leader’