The Phrygian word ΖΕΜΕΛΩΣ
z e m e l ɔː s
IPA zemelɔːs
Meaning man, human being
See also Greek: χαμηλός ‘near the ground, low’
Latin: humilis ‘low, humble’
Thracian: sem(e)la ‘land, earth’
Greek: χθαμαλός ‘near the ground’
Proto-Indo-European: *ĝhðem-, ĝhðom- ‘earth’
Tocharian B: keṃ ‘earth’
Doric Greek: σέμελος ‘snail’
Synonyms ΑΝΑΡ

Same PIE root (dhghemelo) gave both the nouns for man and earth (PIE *dʰéǵʰōm); compare Greek χθαμαλος, χαμηλός ('near the ground'), Latin homō ('human being, man') and humus ('ground, soil'). Also, compare to proto-Slavic zemja ('earth, soil').

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