The Phrygian word ΚΟΡΟΑΝ
k o r o a n
IPA koroan
Meaning girl
See also Homeric Greek: κόρη ‘girl’
Ancient Macedonian: ἀκρέα ‘girl’
Greek: κόρα ‘girl’
Proto-Indo-European: *k̂er- ‘grow’

See Ligorio & Lubotsky - Frigijskij jazyk (2013, Leiden)

Other words that might be of interest
ΑΝΑΡ ‘man, husband’, ΚΝΑΙΚΑ ‘woman’, ΒΡΑΤΕΡΕ ‘brother’, ΖΕΜΕΛΩΣ ‘man, human being’, ΠΑΤΗΡ ‘father’, ΓΕΛΑΡΟΣ ‘sister in law’, ΟΡΟΥΑΝ ‘guardian, warden, father’, ΠΕΝΘΕΡΩ ‘father in law’, ΒΡΑΤΕΡΑΙΣ ‘brother’, ΙΑΝΑΤΕΡΑ ‘husband’s brother’s wife’, ΟΥΕΛΑ- ‘family, relatives’, ΟΡΟΥΕΝΑΝ ‘father’, ΒΟΝΟΚ- ‘woman, wife’, ΖΕΙΡΑ ‘hand, children, living’, ΕΡΟΚΑ ‘progeny, family’, ↑ΙΡΑJ ‘living, children’